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SHERIDAN, Ill. (AP) - U.S. prisons are experimenting with a high-priced monthly injection that could help addicted inmates stay off opioids after they are released, but skeptics question its effectiveness and say the manufacturer has aggressively marketed an unproven drug to corrections officials. A single shot of Vivitrol, given in the buttocks, lasts for four weeks and eliminates the need for the daily doses common with alternatives such as methadone. But each shot costs as much as $1,000, and because the drug has a limited track record, experts do not agree on how well it works.

Proponents say Vivitrol could save money compared with the cost of locking up a drug offender - about $25,000 a year for each inmate at the Sheridan Correctional Center, 70 miles southwest of Chicago. In this Oct. 17, 2016 photo, inmate Joshua Meador speaks about addiction at Sheridan Correctional Center in Sheridan, Ill. Meador, a recovering heroin addict, hopes to get into a Vivitrol program at Sheridan before his release in January.

U.S. prisons are experimenting with the high-priced monthly injection that could help addicted inmates stay off opioids after they are released. (AP Photo/Kamil Krzaczynski) Dr. Joshua Lee, of New York University's medical school, said more evidence is needed to determine whether the medication can help substantial numbers of people and whether it's worth paying for, but the early results are encouraging. "It sounds good, and for some of us, it feels like the right thing to do," said Lee, a leading researcher on the treatment.

Vivitrol is emerging as the nation searches for ways to ease an opioid epidemic that affects more than 2 million Americans and an estimated 15 percent of the U.

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UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Reuters / Issei Kato Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told Italy's economic development minister that Italy would give Britain access to the single market after Brexit "because you dont want to lose prosecco exports." Carlo Calenda said in an interview in Rome on Tuesday that Johnson told him: "I dont want free movement of people but I want the single market." "I said, 'no way.' He said, 'youll sell less prosecco.

' I said, OK, youll sell less fish and chips, but Ill sell less prosecco to one country and youll sell less to 27 countries. Putting things on this level is a bit insulting," Calenda said. The Italian minister's comments offer some insight into the alarm with which some European officials are observing the British government's wrangling over Brexit. Johnson has already caused uproar in Europe this week , after telling a Czech newspaper that the UK would likely leave the EU's customs union but remain in the single market.

Countries within the customs union trade with each other tariff-free, and set import tar riffs on other nations, but are unable to strike their own, individual free trade deals with countries outside the bloc. Johnson's suggestion was that the UK could retain access to the single market with the benefits of free-trade, but leave the customs union so he could strike up free trade deals with countries outside the bloc.

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Some of the terminology used in the field of marketing can seem like just a bunch of jargon to confuse non-marketing professionals and make us sound smarter than we are. In the interest of breaking down the marketing-speak into something more useful, I have put together a list of comparisons between the marketing terminology and some common hunting/fishing terminology. Hope you enjoy the comparisons and find them useful.

Future articles posted here will go into more depth (farther afield) to explain how these can be applied to your marketing efforts. Target Marketing = Field Selection. Target Marketing is all about increasing your chances of being successful by marketing to a more defined set of potential customers. Like selecting the right location for your tree stand or field blind, being present where your target is give a better chance of taking a trophy, or a customer.

Online Marketing = Long Distance Casting. The further and more diverse your customer base, the further you have to cast to reach them. There is no more efficient of a marketing tool than the web. Once you have an email address, email marketing becomes the way of frequently passing a lure near them and eventually enticing a bite. Online isn't easy, and all your competitors are likely out there already, so it becomes an essential part of your marketing mix.

Marketing Mix = Tackle Box. There are many lures, weights, baits, and hooks in your tackle box, and none of them work all the time. Some are specialty items, some are general use items.

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Internet marketing is perhaps the most competitive form of marketing today. Unlike regular marketing activities, internet marketing requires more than just placing a few banners and a couple of Google adword ads. Internet marketing has evolved into a specialized field of marketing and involves a wide array of activities like search engine optimization, search engine marketing and other marketing techniques. Most internet marketing firms usually offer a complete internet marketing package in addition to specialized services.

If you are looking for a firm that can market your website or product here are a few tips to help you choose an internet marketing firm. The first thing you should do is look for a marketing firm that can offer you a complete range of services. Most internet marketing firms usually have tie ups with different companies so that they can offer a complete list of services. Make sure that the internet marketing firm you hire is capable of offering everything from creative content creation for search engine optimization, to banner design and the latest in SEO: XHTML splicing.

In a nutshell, make sure that you end up dealing with a single company instead of a host of different companies.

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By Rod Nickel and Yuka Obayashi WINNIPEG, Manitoba/TOKYO, Nov 16 (Reuters) - On select Canadian farms, thousands of pigs bound for Japan are getting five-star treatment. Japan's growing appetite for pricey pork cuts is driving Canadian and U.S. fresh pork exports to record levels, spurring producers to use every advantage to gain market share. While most of Canadian meatpacker Olymel L.P.'s pigs gobble pedestrian wheat and barley fare, others dine on rations spiced with mint and ginger on a Saskatchewan farm dedicated to fattening hogs bound for Japan, the world's second-biggest importer of the meat.

Some Canadian hogs are indulged with 12 times more rest before slaughter than pigs destined for other markets, to ensure stress does not turn the meat dry. Meanwhile, another hog producer has opened an eatery in a trendy Tokyo district to show off its pork. "The Japanese consumer is probably the most powerful consumer of pork in the world, and they understand the difference in quality," said Claude Vielfaure, president of the hog-processing company HyLife.

Rich premiums paid by Japanese consumers have fueled intense competition and led to cross-Pacific partnerships between North American hog producer Smithfield Foods and Japanese trading house Sumitomo Corp, as well as processor HyLife with trader Itochu Corp. Tyson Foods Inc and Maple Leaf Foods Inc also rank among North America's biggest pork suppliers, while processors NH Foods Ltd and Itoham Yonekyu Holdings , and meat wholesaler Starzen Co Ltd import large volumes of North American chilled pork.

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